Conditions and Eligibility Requirements

We hope that this information is helpful in making you feel part of the Pre-school, and wish you and your child a happy time.

Two and three year olds seeking a space at the Pre-school
  • Will be required to attend a minimum of two mornings per week
  • Children who turn three during the academic year will continue to receive government funding as they do now from the term after they turn three, but will not be expected to meet the eligibility requirements set out below for three and four year olds until the following September.
Three and four year olds

To benefit from a funded place at Oxted Pre-school, children in their final year with us will have to attend according to the following restrictions:

  • They must attend for a minimum of 10.5 hours per week
  • They must attend for at least one full day per week
  • They can only have two stand-alone morning sessions per week (other morning sessions will need either a Lunch Club or afternoon session added)
  • They can only have one stand-alone afternoon session per week
  • Sessions must be fully funded or fully paid for by parents: for example, if you have two hours’ worth of funding left, this cannot be applied to a 3 hour session, with parents paying the extra hour.
  • You will be asked to specify the sessions for which the additional 15 hours funding is being claimed, in case you cease to be eligible for it part way through the academic year (in which case you will be required to pay for the sessions for your child to continue attending them).
Government funding: the universal 15 hours, and the additional 15 hours

Universal 15 hours:

  • This will continue to be available to all 3 and 4 years olds from the term after their third birthday (though to receive it at Oxted Pre-school, the conditions set out above must be met).
Additional 15 hours